• Clare’s person centred tailored support was naturally put together around my needs, initially starting at 2 sessions per week reducing to one session per week, then to one session per fortnight and now as writing this the sessions have concluded and this has taken around 12 months for myself. I can honestly say that in times of difficulty, routine for me was very important and having the sessions to look forward to really made a difference.

    I can’t adequately express how meaningful Clare’s guidance and support has been in helping me through what was a very difficult time and going above and beyond just seemed to be part of Clare’s support. I have learned that grief of any description is a process that can be dealt with and what is required is simply time and support and it is within all of us to deal with such life experiences. 

    The whole counseling experience went from being terribly difficult to very enjoyable and this simply happened naturally over time. Clare’s patience, concern and genuine desire to help me really did assist me to move forward and find myself again and somehow Clare displays the highest level of professionalism, whilst also offering the highest level of care, attention, understanding and support. Clare’s attention to detail and understanding of my situation made me feel valued and special, which at a time when I was not in a good please meant the world to me.

    One key point for myself was the timing of the sessions and because I work, like a lot of people 8am – 6pm my sessions were always timed at 7-8pm on a week night or 9-10am on a Saturday morning. On top of this, Clare supported me through texts, phone calls and emails when I felt I needed such support. The setting of the sessions is ultra stress free with free secure free parking, refreshments via vending machines and even simply things like payments could be done via card or cash and change was always available.

    Today, I have never been happier and everything in my life has come together for the better and there’s no doubt time is a healer and my advice to anyone who is feeling low is to reach out as it’s good to talk. Clare’s in-depth understanding of my very difficult life situation helped me move forward and as I say above, looking back I have never been stronger or happier or have enjoyed life as much as I do today.

    Clare’s words and advice have made a huge impact in my life and I am stronger today than I have ever been as said previously and I now have a new appreciation for life that I did not have before. I now refer to terms like everything happens for a reason and you have to move forward as life is far too short. Through counseling I have not only found myself again, but bettered myself by gaining life skills to see the bigger picture and not take life itself too seriously as we are only here once.

    I will always be grateful for what you have done to help me


    ex Client