Future Phoenix Counselling is a professional service offering one to one counselling and emotional support.  We are based in Peterlee, County Durham where we offer a warm and honest approach, which will support you to explore and understand issues you may wish to bring to counselling.

The service provides a safe and confidential environment to talk about your personal concerns and we cover many areas.
We recognise that life can sometimes get the better of us and that what can really be needed is a warm, supportive, neutral environment with an individual who will listen, help to identify problems, explore thoughts, concerns and feelings.  With awareness, there is the possibility of making different choices, improving the quality of your relationships and living a fuller, more satisfying life.
Future Phoenix Counselling is a caring, compassionate and a therapeutic counselling service, which will provide a safe and secure space for individuals to explore their concerns and issues in non-judgemental and supportive surroundings.  As members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, we adhere to the ethical and professional standards outlined by their Ethical Framework for Good Practice (www.bacp.co.uk), and assure complete confidentiality to all clients.

The fundamental purpose of the Person-Centered counselling is to enable a client to live a fulfilling life. This approach can help to facilitate personal growth and relationships of an individual, by allowing them to explore and employ their strengths and personal identity. As Person-Centered counsellors, we try to aid this process and provide vital support while portraying empathy and acceptance to all our clients where possible.

Our main focus is on the personal relationship between a counsellor and their client. The development of trust and understanding within the relationship encourages self-realisation, which may enable you to acknowledge the problems and issues that you are disclosing, and to identify solutions, with gentle encouragement and guidance from the counsellor in an non-judgmental environment.