Relationship Problems

Being in a healthy relationship is a wonderful thing, but most couples know that maintaining a happy and healthy relationship requires hard work. There are many issues and circumstances that can cause a relationship to falter or even stall, leaving people hurt, unhappy, and miserable most of the time. No matter what a relationship is facing, therapy and coaching can help get it back on the right track.

Types of Relationship Problems

While there are many different types of problems that can plague a relationship, these are some of the more common issues that many modern couples deal with at one point or another in their relationship, especially if they have been together for a long time.

  • Separation – Often a step before divorce or a break-up, a separation brings with it many issues that need to be dealt with by everyone involved.
  • Divorce / Break-up – Learning to move on after a bad break-up or divorce can be difficult for many people, leading to other problems in their life.
  • Marriage Counseling – For married couple who want to save their marriage, this type of counseling may prove useful for saving the marriage.
  • Relationship Counseling – Relationship counseling can be extremely helpful for people who are thinking about getting married or are having problems in their relationship.
  • Infidelity – When a husband or wife cheats on their spouse, it can cause conflict for many years to come. Learning to deal with issues of infidelity is helpful for many.
  • Betrayal – While infidelity is a form of betrayal, there are other times when it becomes difficult to trust a person after they betrayed you.
  • Jealousy – A little bit of jealousy may be healthy for a relationship, but too much can tear it apart. Knowing how to deal with jealous feelings or a jealous partner is important.
  • Communication Problems – Many who have been married for a long time say communication is one of the cornerstones of a happy marriage. Sometimes, couples have trouble communicating with each other for various reasons.
  • Power Struggles – While the man has traditionally played the dominant role in most relationships, the times are changing. Many couples face “power struggles” in which both partners try to gain and maintain dominance in the relationship instead of working together.
  • Family Counseling – When a family begins to have problems that affect them. There are, however, other benefits to family counseling even if there aren’t any major problems.
  • Sexual Issues – From erectile dysfunction to dealing with the effects of menopause, there are many sexual issues that affect both men and women that can have a big effect on a relationship.

Signs and Dangers of Relationship Problems

When communication breaks down and there is a general lack of intimacy, it’s a good sign that there is some type of relationship problem present. When partners are frequently stressed, anxious, and arguing constantly with each other, there is usually a deeper issue that is causing the symptoms. When fights last for days or even weeks, the chances of the relationship lasting are greatly diminished. When the symptoms are ignored, the difficulties don’t tend to solve themselves. Even if the relationship problems are never taken to a physical level, there are many other emotional scars that may appear as damage is done.

These are the typical signs of problems you may have in your relationship:

  • Avoiding intimacy
  • Lack of communication
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Constant arguing
  • Inability to resolve conflicts
  • Fights that last for days, weeks or months